Oasis Pro previously Cesta - Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES)

The new Oasis Pro is a powerful and versatile CES device with 24 programmable CES specialized sessions.

Oasis Pro CES

The Oasis Pro monitors and adjusts the intensity of the stimulation 1000 times per second to ensure consistent and comfortable stimulation. Throughout the entire session, the Oasis Pro will check the electrode connections and automatically make the necessary adjustments. All sessions are pre-timed so your Oasis Pro will turn off when your session is complete.



We are very excited to introduce our new CES device, the Oasis Pro. This Oasis Pro will replace the CESta, which has been discontinued. For quick reference, here's a list of the differences between the CESta and the NEW Oasis Pro




Oasis Pro

Number of CES Sessions


User Programmable


Variable Frequency






50% Duty Cycle

Yes (improved)



tDCS Add-on

Yes (improved)

Colloidal Silver


AVE Sync


Open Circuit Detect


Connection Test


Session Brain Wave Range Display


Short Pulse Length


Max Voltage (CES)


Max Current (tDCS)

2.2mA (impedance guaranteed)


The features that were dropped were rarely used and added unnecessary complications to the CESta.


The new interface is one of the biggest improvements. You can easily pick both the length of the session and the frequency type of the session without having to refer to your manual.


About CES

Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES) was developed in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s as a treatment for insomnia and has since been used by millions of people all over the world. Most research over the past 25 years has shown that CES reduces anxiety and improves cognition in recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Pete Townsend, formerly of the band "The Who", found CES was the most effective treatment for his drug addiction recovery.

Research demonstrates that CES produces a mild stimulation in the hypothalamic area of the brain, resulting in balancing neurotransmitter activity (in particular Beta Endorphin and Norepinephrine). The effects achieved are similar to that of a "jogger's high".

Expected Results with CES

Although individual levels of improvement may vary, medical research reveals dramatic improvements in mental functioning including:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Improved Memory
  • Mental Clarity
  • Mood Elevation
  • Improved Learning
  • Sound Sleep
  • Increased Concentration
  • Increased Vitality
  • Reduction of Psychosomatic Conditions
  • Assisting Substance Abuse Recovery

About Microcurrent-Electrical Therapy (MET)

Although electromedicine has been in existence for well over a thousand years, developments in electronics and new research has seen this technology grow at a terrific rate in recent years. The term microcurrent-electrical therapy was coined by Joseph Mercola and Daniel Kirsch in 1995 as a “bio-compatible” technique primarily used for the treatment of pain. MET may replace TENS for pain applications as it has longer lasting effects.

The concept of MET is based, in part, on Arndt’s Law, which states that weak stimuli excite physiological activity, whereas medium-strength stimuli will encourage it and strong stimuli will suppress it.

It is believed that MET delivered at around 500 micro-amps in the 0.5 to 3 Hz range may be most effective for treating pain.


David Session Editor

The DAVID Session Editor is graphics software that allows for any type of session to be designed and downloaded into your machine.

It provides programmability for all functions such as: rates, volume, intensity, tones, number of replays, etc. It includes a complete library of preset sessions to use as templates to help you design your own sessions. The library also includes an "erase all" PAL wave file - for any clinician to install a "prescription" of only the sessions that the clinician wants the client to use.

Clinicians can also set the number of times a session can be played. After all of the sessions have been played, the client would need to return to the clinician for a "refill". This allows the clinician to closely monitor which sessions are being used and how often they are being used.


Microcurrent-Electrical Therapy Kit  - This kit includes stimulation cable with snaps and package of 30 disposable electrodes.

Download Oasis Pro Manual PDF

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