Pure Oxygen Drops

Pure Oxygen Drops (PODs) are the world’s leading oxygen water supplement. Designed to increase your oxygen levels at cellular level, they promote better hydration and naturally boost energy levels. PODs contain up to 250,000 parts per million of usable oxygen, compared to 10ppm found in average tap water and are Ph balanced (approximately 7.4)

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Benefits of PODS

    * Enables the body to utilize energy and create energy
    * Promotes optimal health and natural vibrancy
    * Helps relieve toxic and daily stresses of the body
    * Hydrates and stimulates better recovery from alcohol intake
    * Boosts the immune system and enhances the metabolic rate
    * Sharpens mental performance and increases endurance
    * Help prevent the build up of lactic acid
    * Counter the effects of Jet Lag and improve circulation

Features of PODS

    * An all- natural supplement
    * Contains one of the highest concentrations of activated oxygen available today.
    * Ph balanced, approximately 7.4
    * Contains no chlorine molecules
    * Totally Non-Toxic
    * Safe to use Orally and topically

Where can PODS be used?

When flying PODs can help counter the threat of DVT and other related flying conditions

When exercising PODs can help increase cellular hydration and oxygen purity

As a holistic therapy to promote well being and natural healing

At work to increase mental concentration, prevent hangovers and boost energy levels

In hospitals to boost the immune system and help the body fight infections

At home, to help increase energy levels and help you lead a more vibrant lifestyle.

PODS Oxygen has been referred to as one of the most important liquid nutrient and vitamin sports supplements today. It is unique because it addresses one of the primary needs that our bodies have: OXYGEN. Oxygen is at the very heart of every cellular and body function.


Any customer interested in a holistic approach to health and wellness, (that is preventing health problems instead of curing them once they occur.) That also includes athletes and those wanting to get the most out of physical performance.

How does oxygen benefit the consumer?
1) Oxygen is critical for optimal health & performance.
2) Oxygen enables the body to utilize nutrients and create energy.
3) Our current lifestyles rob life-giving oxygen from our bodies. Factors such as: Toxic & Emotional Stress, Physical Trauma & Infections, Reduction in Atmospheric Oxygen, Improper Diets & Lack of Exercise rob oxygen from our bodies.
4) Oxygen works hand in hand with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to obtain a higher level of health.
5) Oxygen fits the definition of a vitamin: "a substance found in foods, is essential for life, and not necessarily manufactured by the body.
6) Oxygen charges up the immune system and enhances all metabolic processes.
7) Oxygen helps increase stamina, endurance, mental sharpness & performance.
8) Oxygen can help in the reduction of Lactic Acid build-up.

Simply add 15 drops into a glass of water or fruit juice and drink.


Research Reference: Toxicity studies were conducted on PODS by SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc. and completed in January of 1998. The results of the acute dermal toxicity (Kligman Skin Sensitization) and Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion Test, acute oral toxicity (LD5O Limit Test), eye irritation and inhalation toxicity (Acute Inhalation LC5O Toxicity Limit Test) studies were conclusive. PODS is not a toxic substance. All animals used in the above tests showed consistent weight gain when subjected to PODS indicating that PODS does not interfere with normal metabolic functions.

PODS Activated Oxygen is pH balanced (approximately 7.4). Other stabilized oxygen products are based on oxychlorine compounds and contain sodium chlorite, which results in high pH values, normally in excess of 10. To neutralize the high pH of these products, the body must manufacture and release higher concentrations of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that reacts with the chlorite ion to create a chlorine and diatomic oxygen molecule.

PODS is:

> an all-natural supplement

> contains one of the highest concentrations of activated oxygen available today.

> Ph balanced (app. 7.4)

> Contains no chlorite molecules

> Non-toxic and safe to use both orally and topically

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